Zoodles — the healthy noodle

Hey you health nuts,

Did you know that warm Spaghetti with creamy garlic sauce doesn’t have to be the meal you instantaneously regret devouring? It can be the indulgence you crave and the health kick you need, all in one. Simply replace the carb-loaded noodles with some fresh zucchini spirals (zoodles) and you’ll be running to kitchen for those much needed seconds — no guilt at all.

We strongly believe that cutting anything “cold turkey” produces negative results and is a relapse disaster. Recreating your favorite dish with a small twist to the healthier side will make you feel like you’re chowing down with your old habits while simultaneously working towards new and better ones.

Creating this delicacy is actually quite simple and will take less than a half hour, here are the steps to recreating your favorite pasta dish:

First, start by heading to your local farmer’s market or co-op to get the freshest and local goodies. The price may be a little more upfront but you’re giving money to a local business and keeping the money within your community, in turn helping yourself.

You’ll want to buy two large zucchinis, a white onion, an avocado, two cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, a lime, parmesan and some extra virgin olive oil — on average this will cost you around $15.

Use a vegetable spriraler to spiral your zucchinis and turn them into “zoodles.” These are sold at nearly all chain stores or as a substitute you can cut your zucchini into fine strips.

Mince your onion and sauté it with some olive oil on medium heat. Once the onions are translucent add the zucchini and cook for five minutes.  Now put your zoodles off to the side and grab your blender to make your Alfredo sauce substitute.

To make the sauce put a half cup of extra virgin olive oil, two cloves of garlic, the avocado — peeled and pitted, the lime and a pinch of salt into the blender. Blend the ingredients on medium speed until it turns into a liquid.

Drizzle the sauce over your warm zoodles and sprinkle them with some fresh grated parmesan and your low-calorie and nutritious meal is ready to go.

Invite your friends over to enjoy your newest creation, use your delicious food and journey towards health as a celebration. Eat two servings, laugh with your friends, smile about your progress and top it off with a delicious cookie for dessert. Take it slow, give into your cravings but most importantly, take those baby steps to achieve a healthier diet and a more sustainable you.


Food for Thought


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