What is Food For Thought?
We are four girls in our early twenties. We may not be professionals but we are eager to learn our way around the organic food section. Food is more than simply a means for survival, it’s a celebration and a representation of who we are. A healthy diet is essential for a better day-to-day life, so you won’t catch us at McDonalds. Follow our blog to learn a few tips and join us on our journey to achieve a sustainable diet. From dietary restrictions to all the new fad diets — we’re trying it all. We will explore fun recipes that are affordable, practical, college-ready, but most importantly healthy. Here at Food For Thought we know change doesn’t happen overnight, in fact our goal is quite the opposite. Cheers to taking everything step by step and finding a balance that’s right for you. Have no fear and join our mission to a better lifestyle, but remember if that chocolate craving can’t be kicked — EAT IT.